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5 Tips To Stop Your Kitten From Biting

If you have a kitten, you know that they can be adorable and playful. However, kittens also tend to bite! This is completely normal, as it is simply how they show affection. However, if your kitten bites too much or too hard or without any warning at all, then it could become a problem. Here are some ways how to stop a cat from biting:


Playtime is a great way to keep your kitten active and happy. You can play with your kitten using interactive toys, such as a wand toy or laser pointer, or you can play with them using their favorite toy that they have not yet destroyed. Playtime is also a great time for bonding with your kitten!

Give Your Kitten Something To Chew On

As you may have guessed, biting is a natural behavior for cats. It’s not uncommon for kittens to want to bite each other or their owners when they’re still learning proper socialization. As per the experts at Vetster, “You should learn the difference between a play bite and a real bite.” To help curb this behavior, try giving your kitten something else to do with its mouth other than biting you (or your furniture).

Use A Quick Deterrent

There are a few quick and effective ways to deter your kitten from biting. The most common method is to use something that will make a loud noise or sudden movements, such as a spray bottle filled with water or air or even an old-fashioned squirt gun if you have one handy. Just be sure not to hurt your kitten! As long as she knows that these actions mean “no biting,” she’ll stop immediately.

Clap And Say No

The first and most important step to stopping your kitten’s biting is to not react. It may sound obvious, but if you scream or yell when your kitten bites you, it will only encourage them to continue doing so. If you try to grab them or pick them up, they will only bite harder and become more upset with you.

Make sure not to make eye contact with your kitten while she is biting because this could lead her to believe that she is doing something wrong when she really isn’t!

Run The Other Way When You Have A Chance

If you don’t want your kitten to bite, run away. Run the other way when you have a chance. Don’t give them a chance to bite you, and play with your kitten when they are biting you. If they do bite and/or scratch, don’t let them continue biting and scratching until they become a fully trained adult cat who knows how not to bite or scratch unless that’s what you want them to do (you weirdo). If a kitten is biting your face, stop playing with kittens who are biting your face!

In order to prevent your kitten from biting, you need to first understand why they are doing it. Once you know what is causing them to bite, then you can start taking steps toward stopping this behavior. Remember that kittens do not have the same inhibitions as adult cats do, so they will continue with their bad habits until they learn otherwise.

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