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Everything to Know About the Timber Frame and Self-Building Topic

Many house owners prefer becoming the house owners of the buildings they have built as required instead of buying one. Building a house from scratch is like taking care of everything personally, customising things as needed, and using as many natural and sustainable materials as possible.

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Why Timber Frames 

Timber frames are one of the many naturally available materials for building a house. Many companies manufacture timber frames in different dimensions as required for house construction. If you look through the constructions all around the UK, then you will notice that the majority of houses are all built with timber frames.

You can find many benefits of choosing timber frames over other materials for house construction. They are,

  • Timbers are materials that are sourced from different forests in Europe. Almost 90% of the wood frames that you find in the market are all from European forests.
  • These timbers are non-toxic, organic, and 100% natural.
  • You can find the minimal presence of CO2 in the timbers when compared to all the other hardwood. Hence, you can ensure that your house is provided with a healthy atmosphere for breathing.
  • The construction companies look for trees that have been in the forests for hundreds of years. This is because these trees will have enough volume of CO2 stored in them.

Pros and Cons

While thinking about choosing timber frames for timber frame self-build house construction, you need to weigh both the pros and cons. Here are some for you.


· Construction Speed 

The frames will be first prepared for offsite assigning and will reach the site only when they are all set to be assembled. Hence, your house will be completed as early as possible.

· Best for the Remote Locations 

The timber frames are lightweight and are very easy to carry around for any designated site, even though the sites are remote.

· Cost Saving

The timber frames are not influenced by the changing climatic conditions. Hence, you can save greatly in energy efficiency during both hot and cold climatic conditions.


· The Cost 

When compared to bricks, timber frames are costly. However, when compared to the other factors such as offsite preparation for assembling, you can make some adjustments with the budget.

· Material Access 

As it is said before, the manufacturers only choose such trees that are aged for centuries to manufacture the timber frames. Hence, there might be a chance of a shortage of material access if and when required.

· Early deposits

The construction companies require you to make an early deposit for the delivery of the timber to the site before the material is delivered.

Timber-framed houses are popping up way more than brick houses in the UK these days. This is because of the wonderful benefits that the material has to offer for the house owners. You can also make a choice and enjoy staying in a nature-friendly house.

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