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What You Can Do at Home to Alleviate Neck Pain

We gaze at our computers and phones for extended periods throughout the day and sleep in various positions at night, yet we ponder why our necks hurt. Our poor posture and work practises are unquestionably to blame. Neck pain in Singapore is not a novel complaint, but it is becoming more prevalent due to our behaviours. However, our behaviours are not the only cause of neck pain; an underlying medical condition may also be to blame. In most instances, the cause of suffering remains obscure. Occasionally, it may resolve within a week or two (acute) or persist beyond three months (chronic).

Typically, the symptoms of neck pain diminish progressively. As they depart, they may also return. The distress and pain may cause you to avoid activities out of concern for further injury or deterioration. Let’s not allow neck discomfort to interfere with our daily activities. Here are some home remedies you can attempt for neck discomfort.

1. Cold and Heat Packs

Ice and heat applied to the neck are the first and predominant home remedies. This is extremely straightforward. Ice should be administered directly or in an ice pack to alleviate neck stiffness. Ice is to be applied for the first two to three days, and then heat can be applied. You can administer heat with hot packs, heated compresses, and even hot showers.

2. Massage of the Neck

Neck massage provides instantaneous alleviation. You can test this remedy for yourself to determine its efficacy. Any type of massage can be advantageous if performed on the correct area. The key is to locate the sore areas and apply pressure to them.

3. Stretching Activities

A few yoga poses and gentle stretching exercises can help reduce tension and alleviate neck stiffness. Among the exercises are bringing your ears to your shoulders, compressing both shoulders at the shoulder blades, rotating your shoulders backwards, and pushing your head backwards, among others. Try out these easy exercises to see if they alleviate your pain.

4. Lavender

Researchers have discovered that lavender oil combined with acupressure relieves neck pain effectively. You can massage the neck with lavender oil after diluting it with your chosen carrier oil.

5. Tumeric

Turmeric and the compounds derived from it have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation. You can treat neck discomfort with turmeric by combining a small amount of turmeric powder with warm milk and consuming it. It can also be made into a semisolid substance by adding a small amount of water and applied to the neck.

When Should You Seek Medical Care?

There are a few instances in which you must promptly contact your healthcare provider for assistance.

Seek medical help if:

  • If you have severe neck pain, fever, and a headache, and the area from your jawline to your chest becomes rigid, it may be a sign of meningitis.
  • You experience shortness of breath, mandible or arm pain, sweating, vertigo, and vomiting (heart attack symptoms).
  • The cause of your neck pain is a fall, injury, or impact.
  • You are unsteady on your feet and have difficulty walking.
  • Your arm or hand is paralysed or has a tingling sensation.
  • In addition to the neck agony, you have trouble swallowing and exhaling.
  • Your pain worsens when you lie down or slumber, causing you to awaken from sleep.
  • Your control over urinating and defecating is compromised.
  • There is a nodule or glandular enlargement on your neck.


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