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Things to Look For in a Built-In Gas Grill

There are a few different factors to consider when buying a gas-built-in grill. These factors include price and size. Also, there are a variety of different accessories and features to consider.

Material Of A Gas Built-In Grill

The material used to construct a gas-built-in grill is an essential factor. While stainless steel is popular, many other materials are also available. Aluminum is a lightweight material that is highly resistant to rust. However, stainless steel is the most durable material and will keep your grill looking new for many years. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that is a non-sparking material and a good heat conductor. However, it is softer than stainless steel and tends to wear out faster. It is not recommended for heavy-duty use and is often used on smaller component pieces.


A gas built-in grill is a permanent fixture in your outdoor kitchen, so its size is an important consideration. Small grills are perfectly suitable for smaller gatherings, while larger models can handle larger crowds. However, you should also consider the size of the area where you plan to place your new grill. A built-in gas grill should be at least 36 inches wide. However, there is a slight difference between this size and a 30-inch model. A 36-inch unit will need at least six inches of space between it and a small kitchen island, while a 42-inch model will require only a third of the kitchen island. In addition to size, another consideration is the cooking surface area. Considering a larger unit for an outdoor kitchen, you may want to check the Twin Eagles grills, which have a variety of selection that fits perfectly in your outdoor kitchen.

Size Of A Rotisserie

A built-in gas grill with a rotisserie has a small rotisserie motor on the left side of the unit. This motor has an ignitor on the rear panel, next to the rotisserie burner, and can hold up to 25 pounds of food. It rotates clockwise when facing the shaft. This model also features a rotisserie burner with infrared heat and a 9.5mm thick wave design to help smaller foods cook evenly. The grill also features an integrated rotisserie kit storage area to keep all the accessories within easy reach. A two-position warming rack is also included to finish a perfect cook. Another unique feature is an innovative ignition system that shoots jets of flame to ignite each gas burner.

Number Of Burners

There are many factors to consider when choosing a gas-built-in grill. First, you want to choose one with enough burners for the amount of food you plan on cooking. This heat-producing capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). It’s not just a simple case of looking for the highest number. An industry standard for burner heat output is around 80-100 BTUs per square inch of main cooking surface. This level will ensure even cooking and prevent you from wasting gas. Also, remember that different burners produce different amounts of heat. Another factor to consider is the size of the burners. Some of the smallest models only have three burners, while some of the largest models have up to six. The number of burners is essential because the number is directly proportional to the size of the cooking space.

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