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Social Media Made Us Stupid How?

Social media is a network-based platform through which people exchange their ideas with others. This is a milestone in the current technology era. Around 60 percent of people in this world are connected to social media. As they make contacts everywhere in the world, they can get a variety of useful information. 

Social media has opened the door to global communication. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc are the most common social media platforms in the world. You can use Jaynike to grow your business on social media platforms. These platforms made our life easy and entertaining but there is no unmixed blessing in the world. Social media has both positive and negative aspects. It is a matter of regret that we are turning into mechanical robots, which makes us more stupid. How Social media makes us stupid? Let’s find out 

How Social Media Makes Us Stupid?

Social media is a blessing to our modern world but overuse can have adverse effects on us. In addition to various damage to the eyes and brain, it also causes mental damage to us. Social Media reduces the efficiency of our brains, making us lazy and dumb.  

Social media makes the brain lazy

Social media also has a huge impact on slowing down the pace of our work. When we scroll through them, we leave a lot of important works behind. It acts like an addiction that threatens our careers. We are getting lazy day by day due to excessive use of social media.

Tendency to copy everything

Social media is a platform where all kinds of information are easily available. As a result, we try to copy everything. It saves us time but at the same time destroys our creativity. Our thinking power is reducing. 

Various research has proven that excessive social media users are comparatively far behind others in creative and intellectual works.

Create anxiety over missing out

This feeling can come if you spend a huge time on social media. When you see someone enjoying themselves on social media, you will feel a kind of emptiness within yourself. This feeling can eventually turn into depression. You can feel lonely and worthless.

Social media affects short-term memory

Overuse of social media can affect our short-term memory. Usually, our brain collects different types of information according to our necessity. We memorize sometimes for a while. In the case of social media overuse, This function does not work smoothly. Our brain is becoming lazy. When we need information we turn to social media. As a result, our tendency to remember things is decreasing.

Compromises sleep

Overuse of social media can harm your sleeping habit. A group of a researcher in England found that those who are addicted to social media have sleeping issues. They like to go to the bed late. Even they suffer a lacking of proper sleep. Lack of sleep caused different types of anxiety. Although social help us to know different things like how to pump gas like a pro

How Can We Fix the Problem?

We already know about the social media backlash. To avoid these problems we have to adopt some methods. We should refrain from continuous use for long periods. All information on social media should be properly verified. Instead of being completely dependent on social media, an exploratory mindset should be developed. One should never scroll before sleeping and after waking up. We have to avoid notifications and find a certain time to use social media. 


Everything available in technology can become good for us if it is used properly. So we always have to be careful. Proper and controlled use of social media can bring benefits to us. And overuse can destroy us as well as make us stupid. So, everyone should be aware of using social media.

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