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Best Ways to Improve Your Website Rankings!

If you rely on Google search to increase your brand exposure, Search Engine Optimisation should be your top priority.

A study shows the average click rate for the top search result on Google is 28.5%, and the top three search results on Google account for 54.4% of clicks. Sadly, this leaves little traffic on SERPs for low-ranked or second pages.

However, with a well-designed SEO strategy comprising good content, sitemap XML, keyword research, and alt tags, you can climb higher on SERPs, enhance your online business presence, and generate qualified leads.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Publish Relevant, Quality, and Authoritative Content

Good quality, relevant and authoritative content is the number one contributor to high search engine ranking – and there is no substitute for good content. Customers research before buying your product; they visit your website to learn about your brand.

Therefore, you must focus on creating content that informs the visitor, demonstrates domain expertise, and answers the questions they are searching for.

Go For Keyword Research

By researching keywords, you get valuable insights into the queries that your target audience is searching for on the web. And creating content accordingly will make it relevant to users, placing you in front of an audience as they conduct searches and, ultimately, helping you gain traffic.

Simply put, the better you identify the best-suiting keywords for the content you are placing on the website, the higher you will rank in search engines.

Improve your Page Loading Speed

Brands must never ignore the importance of having a fast-loading landing webpage.

The website loading time is essential for several reasons. First, if it is too slow, the search engines will quickly identify it and lower your rank. Second, slow speed will also harm user experience and interaction with your website, making visitors abandon your webpage, thus damaging your website ranking further.

Research shows that around 40% of visitors leave a webpage if it takes more than three seconds to load, and about 79% don’t return.

On the flip side, if your website loads fast, visitors will keep coming back. Google Algorithm, for instance, will acknowledge your website’s popularity and tweak your search ranking accordingly.

Optimise Links & Add Alt Tags

By adding essential and suitable links within the text, you can improve web page credibility. To that end, when you make claims in the content, it looks much better if you back them up. All your data and facts should be linked to authoritative and genuine sources. Moreover, make sure the information is recent and backed by an updated source.

Besides you can also include internal links that will take visitors to other web pages on your website.

Having said that, describe the images and videos featured on your web page using alternative tags or text descriptions. Doing so will attract users who use screen readers and text-only browsers.

Pay Attention to Website Navigation

Great SEO campaigns must complement a smooth website layout and design or vice versa. Users will avoid your website if it is hard to navigate, resulting in a loss of site traffic.

Hence, it would be best if you gave due attention to sitemap XML – which lists a website’s most essential pages, making it easier for search engines to identify and crawl your pages. Besides, sitemap XML can also play a key role in comprehending your website structure, making navigation a straightforward task.

The Bottom Line

SEO is a valuable business tool that will continue to be relevant. It is something your organisation needs to concertante on currently and near future to increase website visibility which means more traffic and more chances to convert leads into loyal customers.

It’s also an essential tool for brand awareness, building relationships with prospects, and positioning yourself as an expert and authoritative name in your field. So, pay attention to the basic pointers outlined above and boost your business Search Engine Rankings.

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