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Why You Should Never Run A Red Light

Growing up, you may have studied in your textbooks that running a red light is not only a crime but unsafe as well. Green means go, yellow means wait, and red means stop. However, grown-ups do not always follow the rule. It is not uncommon to find people running a red light. Some may be late for their meeting; others may simply be impatient. 

It is highly dangerous to run a red light for various reasons. It can result in a severe and life-threatening road accident. You do not only put yourself at risk but other people on the road as well. If someone injured you while they were running a red light, you deserve compensation. To know more about your rights, click here

Reasons to never run a red light 

  • You could be fined. 

Many years back, there was no fine or penalty for running a red light. However, times have changed now. There are cameras fixed at every intersection and traffic police standing at every corner monitoring your vehicle. Do not think your vehicle will not get noticed when you run a red light. Just so you know, the traffic police do not offer forgiveness that easily. You could be charged a hefty amount!

  • You could cause a catastrophic accident. 

Even if you are rich enough to pay the fine every time you get caught, you should never run a red light for the sake of your and other people’s safety on the road. Intersections are some of the most dangerous areas of the road. Running a red light increases your risk of causing a T-bone accident, where one car hits the side of another. Such accidents are more dangerous and fatal than frontal or rear-end collisions.

  • You could sustain life-threatening injuries. 

When you cause an accident, you do not just threaten other people’s lives but yours as well. It rarely happens that the liable party walks away with little to no injuries in a red light accident. Even if you have the money to pay other people’s damages, you should not risk your life just because you are impatient. You could get badly injured, have your bones fractured, get permanent disability, or worse, die. 

  • You may lose your insurance. 

When you get involved in a car accident, especially one where you are at fault, your insurance premiums are most likely to increase. If you are a repeat offender, your insurance adjuster may think you are too much of a risk and cancel your policy altogether.

If you were injured in a car accident, contact an attorney today. 

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