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Who is liable for your truck accident injuries in Palmdale? Find here

Accidents involving two sedans or passenger vehicles typically have straightforward investigations. Usually, either or both parties are at fault, and therefore, determining who should get a settlement isn’t hard. However, truck accidents are different. If you were injured in a crash that involved a commercial truck in Palmdale, don’t assume that the truck driver is automatically at fault. You can visit this page to get a free consultation meeting with a top lawyer in California. In this post, we are sharing more about the possible parties who would be liable for your truck accident injuries.

  • The truck driver: Truck drivers must have the necessary training and adequate experience to drive large vehicles and 18-wheelers safely. However, truckers are often negligent, which could be a case of distracted driving or speeding. Although not always, drivers could be liable for your losses.
  • The trucking company: These are huge companies that operate for profit and often don’t care as much about safety norms or federal laws. If the company failed to adhere to the norms or didn’t do its share in inspecting and maintaining the vehicle, it could be a party to your claim.
  • Maintenance services: Trucking companies rely on outsourced services to maintain trucks and large vehicles. If the maintenance company didn’t perform its job effectively, it could be held liable for the injuries endured by victims.
  • Loading companies: These companies are in charge of ensuring that commercial trucks are properly loaded and secured. If the truck accident happened because the load inside was moving around, you could hold the company liable for its action.
  • Vehicle manufacturers: Truck & trucking part manufacturers could be responsible for a crash. These companies are expected to ensure that their components and vehicles are safe for the users, and if the accident happened because a part of the engine or vehicle was defective, you could sue the manufacturer too.

Call a truck accident lawyer now

Investigating a truck accident is often the most complicated part of filing a claim. If you don’t act fast, crucial details can go missing. In your best interests, call an attorney soon after the accident. Make sure to choose a lawyer who has specific experience handling truck accident claims and can take the battle to court if necessary. Most lawyers won’t charge a penny until you recover a settlement, and therefore, your financial situation shouldn’t be a concern for hiring a truck accident attorney.

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