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What are the Skills Required For MEAN Full Stack Developers

In one line, we can understand the value of Mean Full Stack development is that it makes it Easy to switch between client and server. Here Mean is a full-stack development toolkit used to develop fast and robust web applications. Nowadays, its importance is increasing rapidly, and many organizations are using this technology because of the use of a single language throughout the development process. Mean full-stack development is beneficial as developers can switch development roles based on the project requirement.

MEAN was named after MongoDB, Express (.js),  Angular(.js), Node(.js), the four main technologies that make up the layers of the stack.

Basically, Mean full-stack development is known as a collection of JavaScript technologies used to develop web applications. So all the operations from the client to the server and from the server to the database everything is performed by JavaScript. It is a user-friendly stack that is used for creating dynamic applications and websites. The main attraction of this tool is it is free and open-source that provides an organized and quick method for creating rapid prototypes for web-based applications. As it is becoming popular and essential, the demand for skilled Mean full stack developers is also increasing continuously. It also enhanced the demand for such special certifications that can help developers explore their expertise in this domain.

So this article will throw light on some of the important skills required for becoming a successful mean full stack developer.

Who are Mean Full Stack developers?

A Mean Full stack Developer is a professional who has knowledge in some particular areas alone where mean stack development involves a set of technologies like Mongo DB, AngularJs, Express Js, and Node.js. Simply these professionals are like JavaScript-based application developers. A good MEAN full-stack developer must have extensive JavaScript Knowledge. These developers use a certain stack of technologies to create a Full Stack Application.

MEAN full stack developer job role is almost similar to a Full Stack Developer. Their job is comparatively an easier one. They must know about creating frontend and backend systems, developing new models and features, coordinating with the web app team on API integrations, performing unit testing, and following a specific methodology like Agile. They have access to multiple frameworks that accelerate the various processes related to website creation and management. They also can perform front-end web development by leveraging the increased speed of the Angular JS framework. As they know javascript very well, they also can use other client-side web frameworks such as ReactJS. They also can use Express.Js and NodeJs for back-end development.

Skills Required For MEAN Full Stack Developers

As it is known now, MEAN full-stack developers are expert professionals who have expertise in MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, and Node.js. They have expertis in JavaScript and use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to handle front-end operations and back-end server scripting. These full-stack developers are also called javascript full-stack web developers.

Basically, Mean full stack developers are required above mentioned skills to become an expert in this domain. Let us know about them in detail.

  • JavaScript- Surprisingly, Mean full stack developers must have a sound knowledge of “vanilla” JS, which is the basic skill of all these frameworks. So it is essential that an effective Mean full stack developer should be familiar with fundamental JavaScript syntax. They must know about writing functions, manipulating the DOM, and creating objects without the use of third-party tools.
  • Mongo DB- It is a database component of MEAN stack development. It is a part of the NoSQL database where a document is like an Object. Mongo DB can be written in C++. JavaScript, Python, and GO. This skill is known as a document-oriented technique that can support multiple platforms. It is beneficial for web developers as it is large, open-source software and can handle a huge amount of unstructured data.

  js- It is known as a licensed open-source web development tool that works like a framework for the back-end NodeJS web development tool. Express.js is specially used for APIs ( Application Programming Interface) and Web  Applications. It can also host node.js projects and can be used on applications that have a server waiting for a connection request from the client side.

  • js-It is known as a front-end framework component of MEAN stack development that is a licensed open-source web development tool. It was specially developed by Google to counter challenges in single-page applications. Angular.js is also used for creating web and mobile applications. It uses HTML as its template language, which is very easy to learn and use.
  • js- It is known as the back-end framework component of MEAN stack development that is also a licensed open-source web development tool. Node.js is a javascript runtime environment that runs outside the browser. It is an efficient, independent, and lightweight platform and is one of the best tools for real-time applications. Node.js can also be used to develop server-side and network applications.
  • Research Skills- It is also a very important skill for Mean full stack developers as one piece of technical knowledge. It helps them talk about issues and identify the specific problem. Research skills can save developers hours of development time.
  • NPM- NPM refers to Node Project Manager and is known as an integral tool to learn to use when you are creating JavaScript applications. It is also considered the most popular package resource for JavaScript developers, and Mean full-stack developers have to deal with package distribution using it.

Git, Unix Command Line, Agile Development, etc., are also some of the important skills that every Mean full stack developer should learn as these skills can help them save a considerable amount of time and effort in the future.

So these are the necessary skills to learn and earn if someone is working as a MEAN full-stack developer.

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