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What are the Damages You Can Recover from a Car Accident in California?

Car accidents are common, and many fatal accidents happen each year. In general, a regular commuter involved in a car accident should be aware of the type of damages that they may incur during the course of being involved in an automobile accident.

The damages that can be compensated for in a car accident depend on the type of injuries sustained and the severity. You can seek the help of a Car accident lawyer for a complete assessment of the situation.  A good lawyer can assess your case and give you good advice on how best to proceed during the recovery period.

Here are some of the damages you can recover from a car accident in California:

  1. All kinds of medical bills

Medical bills are some of the most common types of damages you can recover from a car accident case. All sorts of medical expenses incurred by the plaintiffs, including emergency room treatment, doctor’s bills, hospital bills, and any sort of rehabilitation treatment are eligible to be claimed in a case. A car accident attorney can help you ensure that all your medical bills are compensated for.

  1. Property damage

All the property damages sustained in a car accident case are eligible for compensation. This can include broken windows, broken headlights, windscreens, damaged doors, and so on. The full extent of the property damage sustained will have to be assessed by an expert at a later point in time.

  1. Lost wages and loss of earning capacity

Due to the injuries sustained in the car accident, an injured party may be unable to perform their job. In some severe cases, such as permanent disability or physical incapacity, a person can claim for loss of earning capacity. A car accident attorney can help you claim these losses.

  1. Rehabilitation and therapy costs

After a serious accident, it is common for a person to go through a rehabilitation period. Physical therapy and nursing care can be claimed for in such cases. The costs of rehabilitation and therapy services that you may have to undergo after an accident are also eligible for compensation in a car accident case.

  1. Pain and suffering

This is a difficult part of claiming damages in a car accident case. Pain and suffering are not as easy to quantify as your medical bills or property damage, but they can still be claimed in court. A good car accident attorney can put the value of your pain and suffering over time at stake during legal proceedings.

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