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Top Virtual Team Building Ideas For A Remote Team

Life is about more than just working day and night. It’s about having fun, being happy, and making time for your passions. If you’re leading a remote team of employees, it can be challenging to make sure everyone feels like they’re part of the group and understands company culture outside of work hours. That’s why they’ve come up with some ideas for virtual team-building activities that will help you build stronger relationships among your remote workers while still getting the job done!

Games/Activities/Interest-Based Meetings
  • Games are a great way to get people talking and to break the ice. Games teach you about people’s personalities, strengths, weaknesses and attitudes.
  • Games can be used to teach lessons or provide context for team-building activities later on. They also help you understand your team better by showing how they interact with each other in a game-like environment.
  • Games are one of the most effective ways of getting people thinking about the problem as well as helping them find solutions for it by working together in small groups or teams.
Share Your Passions

One of the biggest challenges of working in a remote team is that you don’t have the same opportunities to bond and connect with your co-workers. It’s already talked about how video conferencing can help, but what if you want to go one step further? How can you use technology in order to build a stronger connection between your team members? The answer is simple: share your passions.

The first thing recommended is live streaming sports events—whether it’s professional football or college basketball, this activity will allow everyone on your team (and their families) to experience something together in real-time and get excited about their favorite teams and players. It’s not just limited to sports either—you could also host live video chats where people discuss movies or TV shows they’ve been watching recently. DIRECTV STREAM experts suggest, “Sports Tab makes it easy to connect to the games & leagues you want to watch.”

Remote Learning/Knowledge Sharing

There are many different methods to share knowledge. For example, you can do it in person, on the phone, or via video chat. The important thing is that you have an established process for sharing knowledge so that everyone knows how to contribute and receive feedback and when they should share what sort of information with others.

Themed Team Meetings

Themed team meetings are a great way to build a sense of community and camaraderie in your virtual team while also having fun. Themes should be relevant to the team, easy to follow, fun and easy to plan for. Some examples include:

  • A pirate-themed meeting where everyone dresses up as pirates and has a treasure hunt around the office or building (or even outside!)
  • The 80s-themed meeting includes costumes and music from that era (think leg warmers!)
  • An ice cream truck-themed party where everyone gathers in one room as if they were sitting on a bus stop bench, with umbrellas in hand waiting for their tasty treat!

These seven ideas are great ways to start if you’re looking for ways to build a virtual team. All of them are easy and can be done from anywhere, with the exception of “Share Your Passions,” which requires some time and space. The rest require some creativity!

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