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Things to Keep in Mind Before Shifting into a New Office Space

With flexible conversations, hierarchical ease, and relaxed office environments, workplaces in Australia are something everyone wishes to be a part of. Newer organisations are more accepting of different working styles, fluid work timings, and cross-office idea transfer. Many organisations look forward to creating unique, functional offices to suit this work style.

However, when moving to a new office space, several factors must be considered, such as employee inputs, structural and managerial planning, and choosing the office furniture in Australia offers.

Let us look at the top four things you must do while moving offices.

Devise a game plan with all your employees

Involve everyone in the office in the move! Communicate with each department and understand their needs and wants from the new office. This may help you create checklists, keep track of the movement, and delegate work whenever required.

This will also make them feel involved in the moving process while helping you with more staff to complete specific tasks on time. You can involve digital shared digital platforms like Trello and Notion to help you keep track of the work as a group.

Decide on your furniture style

Every office has a dedicated style of furniture that they regularly use. Deciding on a furniture style includes how you design cubicles, cabins and bullpen desks to facilitate communication and simplify workflow.

If you plan to reuse some of the furniture from your old office in your new one, you must also select the new one to match the existing styles. Discuss with your interior designer and utilise their help in the selection process.

Task sheets and checklists

Before moving into a new office, completing some tasks within the office premises will be essential. This can range from closing a project to dismantling furniture to take you to the new office. All employees can use a regulated task sheet for the same.

It will also be essential to involve all the vendors in the planning process, where you let them know your aspirations for the new office space. Furniture suppliers, movers, electricians and plumbers – can all be included in creating a timetable and checklist to facilitate the move.

Take photos of the new office

The final step before moving your furniture and other elements into the office would be to take photos and videos of the space you have.

Photographs will help you keep track of the changes you have made to the acquired properly, particularly in a rented office. If the space requires repairs or other changes, the landlord and the technician can access these photographs as a layout of the area. You can also use these photographs to compare your office’s before and after conditions.

It can help you select office furniture in Australia offers, plan cubicles, and uncover other issues that may occur on-site later.

In conclusion

Moving into a new office is a challenging task. It will require several days of planning, organising, and management.

The four most significant decisions are organising a plan, involving the vendors, taking photos of the new office, and deciding on the office furniture Australia offers you. Following these steps, you can seamlessly transition from your old workplace to the latest and restart your work with the same enthusiasm and comfort!

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