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Step-By-Step Guide to Applying for an Alcohol License in Texas

There are many things that business owners and entrepreneurs need to know when applying for a Texas alcohol license. First, it is important to determine which type of license you need. There are three main types of licenses: manufacturing, distribution, and retail. It is also important to note that all establishments must be located in wet areas, which can be verified by submitting a city or county certificate. Finally, all employees that sell alcohol must complete a TABC certification course.

Determine the Type of Business

If you’re planning to serve alcoholic beverages in your restaurant, you should determine which type of license you need. This can be accomplished by contacting your local TABC office.

The TABC also requires that you have insurance coverage. You may need workers’ compensation and general liability coverage, depending on your business type. Additionally, you may need liquor liability insurance.

If you’re applying for a Texas alcohol permit to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption, you must submit Form L-Cert. The TABC requires this to verify that the establishment is located in a wet area. You may also need to present a city or county certificate to prove this.

Determine the Location

Getting a liquor license in Texas is more complex than filling out some forms and paying a fee. You’ll need to meet the qualification guidelines for both the state and local levels. The process can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if any issues arise. The requirements vary depending on the type of business you are looking to open. For example, a bar would need different permits than a restaurant. Getting the right license type is important because failing to do so can result in legal consequences. You will also need proof of ownership for the location where you sell alcohol. This can be done by submitting a property deed or signed lease agreement.

Apply for a License

Once you’ve determined the license type required and located your business, you’ll need to apply for the permit through TABC. Complete all the forms correctly, as mistakes can delay your approval process. Also, remember that you must only be interested in one tier of the alcohol industry (Retail, manufacturing, or distributing). Having multiple interests can result in the rejection of your application or the suspension or revocation of your license/permit. Additionally, your city or county may have additional regulations about licensing and fees, zoning restrictions, late-hour business operations, and even certificate of occupancy requirements. It’s best to contact your local city secretary or clerk’s office for specifics. Lastly, be sure you’ve paid the State and County portion of your fees before proceeding to the next step.

Post a Public Notice of Application

Each state has a different set of rules that determine the distribution, sale, and consumption of alcohol. The state’s ABC agency will regulate the qualification guidelines and license types available for each business type.

Depending on the application, businesses might need to submit a city or county certificate confirming they operate where alcohol is legal for consumption on-premises. Likewise, establishments that plan to sell liquor for off-premises consumption must present Form L-OFF. Counties and cities may also have local ordinances, zoning restrictions, fees, standards for late-hour operations, and certificate of occupancy requirements. Therefore, business owners should start the process six months before opening their doors.

Pay the Fees

After figuring out what type of license(s) your business needs, you can begin the application process. Generally, this starts by going to the TABC website and completing the necessary forms. Ensure all the information is correct; mistakes can delay your license approval. Once the paperwork is submitted, there may be a hearing to determine if your permit will be granted. Some areas require that you post a public notice of your application or take out a newspaper ad to allow the community to protest your permit request. Once the application is approved, you will receive a TABC Permit from the state.

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