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Semenax Reviews: Does It Work?

What is Semenax?

            Semenax is a supplement that promises to increase the volume of your sperm to make more pleasurable experiences and help to increase fertility. It is an all-natural semen volumizing formula that is made with 18 different extracts that are said to feed the male reproductive system. Clinical trials prove that it does increase the volume of sperm by up to 20%. But what do the men who use it say?

            There are many reviews across the internet for this product and its success. When sexdatingapps.com reviewed it they had good things to say about it. Do the men who use it have different comments?

            This article will provide reviews from men who have used the product to see what they have to say. Some who have used it have had great success, while others have seen no changes at all. See for yourself what they have to say. Out of all the reviews on Trustpilot, this product has an overall score of 4.1 stars.


  1. Gheorghe – says that he took it for a month and he didn’t notice any difference. He says that he took it for a month, and it seemed to be in vain. He said he would try a different product.
  2. David – David was impressed with the product, saying he added other supplements and had an amazing experience. He said he would “blow massive loads” and that the product was great for quick reloads. He said that he doubles the dosage so that he can have multiple partners in a day and still have enough semen. You can read more reviews like this here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/semenax.com. These men have a lot to say.
  3. Adam – Adam mentions that it worked as advertised and that the intensity of his orgasm increased tenfold. He said that it also increased the amount of his “load.”
  4. Thomas – Thomas wasn’t satisfied with Semenax even though he took it as prescribed. He said that some of the capsules were blank. The company actually told him that they would refund his money or send him more to replace it, but he refused their offer. He said that he didn’t want the company to think that he was out for anything.
  5. Maria – Maria said they were dizzy while taking it. (I’m not sure Maria should be taking it!)
  6. Thomas – He claims that he had been taking it for two months and was extremely satisfied. He said it increased production by 50-100%. He also said that he went to the doctor before and after he began taking it. The doctor said that they didn’t notice any difference in the health of the sperm.
  7. Joseph – Joseph states that the company provided fast and discreet service. He stated that he was unsure about the product but was happy with the results as soon as his body realized there was a new ingredient in his system. He expects to be a return customer because his partner was also satisfied.
  8. Cody – Cody says that Semenax is everything they say it is and more. “Huge loads and very intense explosions!” He says that he has been using it for over a year and it has been awesome. He also exclaims that everyone should use it and that they would be extremely happy.
  9. Spenry – He was happy with this, saying “The product worked as intended the volume, taste, and even the smell I have noticed changes…” He was very satisfied and will continue to use the
  10. You can see here some of the ingredients that are in the product. The combination of these ingredients seems to do the job.
  11. Dennis – Dennis states that the product works as advertised and stated that there was a noticeable change in the volume of his semen. He was also happy with customer service saying that you could call and get an answer from them quickly.
  12. Paul – Paul has been using the product for months, and although he noticed an increase in the intensity of his orgasms, he hasn’t noticed an increase in semen. He said he tried taking four tablets in the morning and evening and still hasn’t noticed a big change.


                Although not everyone was satisfied with the results, most men were. The overall opinion is that the product works and does so as intended. Most who took Semenax were genuinely satisfied and saw clear results. This product seems to do as it is advertised for most men.

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