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Rules to follow while wearing a hoodie

We all know the great feeling of slipping on a hoodie on a chilly day. But did you know that there are some unspoken rules about wearing a hoodie? Here are the top 5 rules to follow when donning this comfortable piece of clothing.

Don’t wear a hoodie with sweatpants

It’s always important to think twice before you decide what to wear. In particular, when it comes to the red Bape hoodie and sweatpants combination–it’s a definite no-no. Wearing a red Bape hoodie with sweatpants can make you look sloppy and off-trend. You’re much better off mixing and matching other items in your closet that are more stylish and flattering. For example, pair the red Bape hoodie with trousers or dark skinny jeans for an outfit that gets attention for all the right reasons. The red Bape hoodie is a versatile item that can be worn in many different ways—just not with sweatpants!


Make sure it fits well

When you’re deciding what to wear, it’s important to make sure your clothes fit you right. When wearing something like a hoodie, a regular t-shirt, or a coat that is too big or small won’t look as comfortable or stylish. Whether you’re sporting a red bape hoodie or an edgy oversized design, it’s best to make sure it fits properly so you can rock the look with confidence. Finding the right fit will allow you to express your individual style while also ensuring that any outfit looks put together and stylish.

Choose right color for your skin tone

Choosing a red BAPE hoodie that is the right color for your skin tone can be a great way to express yourself. The red hue of red BAPE hoodies can bring out different undertones in medium and olive skin while making fair and light skin tones pop. The range of reds the brand offers, from bright reds to more muted shades, means there is an option for everyone. However, if you are on the darker side of the spectrum, search for red BAPE hoodies with deeply saturated reds as they will better complement your melanin. Ultimately, whatever red BAPE hoodie you choose should be tailored to your personal style and preference in order to best match your overall aesthetic!

Avoid wearing a hoodie with writing on it

The purple BAPE hoodie may be a popular fashion statement, however, wearing one with words on it is a big no-no. Having written on the purple bape hoodie can be very distracting and take the attention away from whatever the outfit is actually meant to convey. So, if you want to make sure you look your best, avoid wearing a hoodie with writing on it. Keep things simple and subtle for the best results!

Make sure your hoodie doesn’t have holes or stains

A purple Bape hoodie is a classic look, as plenty of recognizable celebrities have been seen sporting one, but to make sure you keep this hoodie looking its best, it’s important to make sure there are no holes or stained areas. This means checking all the seams and zippers for any rips or damages and spot-cleaning any visible stains that appear on the fabric. Taking a few extra steps to keep your purple Bape hoodie in pristine condition will ensure that you can continue to rock the classic look for years to come.

Wear a hoodie that matches the rest of your outfit

Looking for a way to stylishly finish off your outfit? A purple BAPE hoodie is the perfect choice for a daring and modern look! Not only does purple look great when paired with other colors, but it’s also sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re going for a relaxed or edgy vibe, coordinating your hoodie with other garments will give your look an extra touch of sophistication. Plus, purple BAPE hoodies are cozy and comfortable too, so you’ll always be ready for whatever day comes your way.

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