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One Day Truck and Trailer Repair is a Smart Choice for Your Toledo Fleet

When operating a commercial trucking business in the greater Toledo area, keeping your rigs on the road is crucial to keeping your customers happy. Working with a repair shop that focuses on fixing truck brakes and suspension in one day helps you to keep those trailers rolling. How can Toledo Spring Parts & Service help your tractor-trailers stay on schedule?

Multiple Repair Bays Waiting for Your Truck

Our busy Toledo location features a dozen repair bays, which means we can handle more appointments in a single day. We make every effort to get each truck or trailer back on the road in just one business day. We maintain a large inventory of the most common parts needed for repairs, reducing the amount of time spent waiting for a part to arrive. Our convenient location just west of I-75 means you won’t have to travel far to find help, either.

In-house U-Bolt Fabrication Speeds Up Your Service

Our truck suspension shop not only has the muscle and equipment required to service air springs, shocks, lift axles, and leaf springs, but we also feature our own U-bolt fabrication shop. We will bend your bolt to the precise angle and size required for your rig, with no waiting for somebody else to get it done across town.

Dedicated VIS-Check Bay for Quick Diagnostics

How can you decide what system is causing a shake or shudder without climbing under the trailer? We roll your truck into our VIS-check bay and the sensors produce a report on the health of all your brake and suspension systems. It’s fast and accurate and helps us focus on what needs service. After the repair, we can provide you with a new VIS-check report to satisfy the safety inspectors.

Experienced Technicians Mean Your Truck is Fixed Right

Did you know that Toledo Spring has been helping truckers in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan stay on schedule for over 90 years? We maintain our reputation as one of the best repair shops in the region because we invest in our team of technicians. Their decades of knowledge translate into faster fixes that stand up to the rigors of the open road.

Give Us a Call to Get Your Rig Repaired ASAP

If your driver has reported that their truck is pulling to the side, making new noises, or shaking while braking, it is time to bring it in for a safety check and possible repair. Give us a ring at Toledo Spring Parts & Service, and we will do everything we can to get you in as soon as possible. If your rig requires repair, we see most fixes ready for the road on the same day. This means you can likely make that delivery on time!

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