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Having Lots of Flies In Your Home Suddenly In 2023 – A Reasonable Guide

Although flies are essential for the ecosystem, the buzzing sound of their wings around your head are highly annoying. Flies infestation is a serious condition as they potentially carry diseases with them. The warm weather of 2023, summer and spring, may invite them into your home through unprotected doors and windows to lay eggs and develop into flies.

You may install fly screens for doors and windows to prevent fly infestations. In the U.K., Premier Screens Ltd supplies high-quality fly and insect screens for commercial and residential purposes. They also provide installation services and fast deliveries. You can get an instant online quote by entering your dimensions.

What are the different types of flies?

Flies differ in size, behaviours, and habits. There are over thousands of fly species across the U.K.

Some of the common flies found in and around your home include –

  1. House Fly – They are commonly found in your homes and can usually feed on leftover, uncovered, or spoiled food items.
  2. Bluebottle Fly – Also known as blow flies, bluebottle flies are large and metallic blue-coloured flies that eat dead animal matter.
  3. Cluster Fly – They are small and dark-coloured flies that are often found in clusters. They are found in your gardens and attics. Generally, magnetic fly screens are best suited to prevent them from entering your home.
  4. Fruit Fly – Fruit flies are tiny yellowish-brown flies that feed on ripened fruits or crops.
  5. Autumn Fly – They are found on the face and around the eyes of your horses and cattle. They feed on saliva and tears.

Can flies be dangerous?

Flies are not only unpleasant for their fussy sound, but they are dangerous for the diseases they carry. They usually travel around unsanitary areas and carry various infectious germs. This is the reason why homeowners prefer to use fly screens and repellents. Flies infestation may contaminate your food, utensils, and unhealed wounds to cause various infections like conjunctivitis, salmonella, typhoid, cholera, malaria, itching, and rashes.

If you have fly infestation, it means your area is unhealthy as flies hold decaying or dead organisms matter on their legs and mouths. Whether you are a business tycoon, a hotel owner or a celebrity, the mere presence of flies in your surrounding can damage your reputation. So, it is a wise thing to have efficient and durable fly screens over all the openings inside your home.

Why do flies infest your home and how to prevent them?

Your house may have lots of flies due to rotten matter, piles of uncovered garbage, decaying food items, and dark cluttered areas. These are the sources of their food and shelter. Flies may also infest your home in search of warm space for breeding and laying their eggs. Your dirty cattle and pets may also offer peculiar scent to attract them.

You must regularly clean the clutter, cover garbage, remove rotten food stuff and properly sanitise your home to prevent flies infestation. You may get rid of them with eco-friendly insecticides and electric fly killers. You can choose to install efficient fly screens to keep flies outdoors.

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