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Different Types of Outdoor Roller Shades and Their Uses Every Homeowner Should Know

Outdoor roller shades are useful for providing privacy, blocking the sunlight, and protecting against windy weather and heavy rains. Though these blinds have common advantages, they have some differences. Let us discuss different types of roller shades and their benefits.

Outdoor PVC Wooden Blinds

Your balcony or the garden area will be decorated with these outdoor PVC wooden blinds. Your garden or the balcony area will look fresh and elegant when you have renovated it with PVC wooden blinds. These blinds can control light and can be adjusted according to the requirements. The slats can be of different colors and patterns. When these blinds are used on the outside lawn, garden area, or on the balcony, the natural beauty can be enjoyed to the fullest. The rolling mechanism allows rolling in or rolling out according to the requirements of the light. They are generally installed outside your windows, on the patio, on the lawn, garden, or on balcony area. The wooden blinds have slats and hems that are opened and closed according to the requirements.

Outdoor Roller Blinds

For dressing up outdoors, these roller blinds are most common in use. All residential and commercial projects may possess these roller shades. As they suit in various sizes of windows or patio, they are the most demanding patio roller shades. Large areas like terrace or garden will be suitable for the outdoor roller blinds. They are best in protecting against the harmful UV rays of the Sun and also give an elegant look within your garden or terrace.  They are easy to install with easy maintenance process and expenses. Some roller shades may also have locking system where the curtains can be rolled up to the top. These blinds have the wooden frame which helps in the installation process. They can be screwed into the wall and the blinds can be tied directly to grill.

Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo shades play a great role in covering the sunlight and adding privacy. When bamboo covers are installed, it will add an enhanced look with the nature. The natural ambience in your patio, garden, or balcony area will enhance the beauty of the nature with bamboo. They are very heavy duty material that can withstand any weather easily. The light will filter through the bamboo shade and full blockage of light is not possible. The bamboo represents such a color that is easily matched with the theme of your house. The blinds are used in outdoors, where the sunlight gently streams through the holes and make the environment very pleasant and soothing. As the bamboo silk is very tough, these roller shades are suitable for every environment.


The roller shades mentioned above are specially used in the outdoors. Your patio, garden, or the balcony area can be decorated with these roller shades. Make sure that the blinds are made up of high-quality so that they can withstand harsh weather for a long period. When you are in doubt about the functionality of the roller blinds, call a professional who will explain everything before the installation.

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