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Boat Rental Prices for a Corporate Event in Barcelona

Everyone in an organization looks forward to this event with great anticipation. Holding a corporate event allows to lighten the mood, distract staff from their workaday routine. Afterwards, the work process can proceed much more efficiently and productively. A corporate event is an excellent opportunity to bring the team together and foster friendly relationships between employees.

Every manager is faced with the question: where to hold this event? If you let your imagination run wild, the first things that come to mind are restaurants, cafes, bowling alleys or escape rooms. A current trend, which is gaining popularity, is renting a boat. Firstly, this has numerous advantages, which we will list a little later. Secondly, boat rental prices in Barcelona have significantly decreased in recent years.

Rental fee – in detail

To familiarize yourself with the boat rental prices in detail, it will be sufficient to visit the websites of charter companies – lessors. The final hourly payment for a boat will depend on the following factors:

  • Capacity – you can order a boat for a corporate event in Barcelona for guests ranging from 50 to 250 people. The more people the boat can accommodate, the more expensive one hour of rent will be. For instance, a boat for 50 guests will cost 900 euros per hour. It’s worth noting that there is no need to order a large boat if your team is small. Otherwise, you will have to overpay.
  • Equipment – the lessor can offer their audio and video systems. Additionally, businesses offer special disco and lighting devices, which accordingly affects the price. If there’s a need for it, it’s worthwhile to look at luxury boats from the company Barcelona Boat Rental.
  • Services of DJs, presenters – large companies are always ready to offer the services of presenters or people who know the essence of club music. If the budget for the corporate event is small, there’s no sense in using these people’s services. It will be sufficient to bring your own music system, which is no trouble at all nowadays.

You Have to Pay for Pleasure

There are also cases when money doesn’t matter and a corporate event is organized with great flair. Then, we’re talking about VIP-class boats. Their price can reach from 800 euros per hour and more. Such boats usually accommodate up to 40 banquet seats and up to 50 buffet seats. For such money, the client gets very comfortable boats, which feature a flybridge, salon, cabins, and a summer terrace. Technical equipment is provided at the highest level.

All furniture is made of natural wood. The restaurant on the boat offers the most exquisite dishes. You can find out the current boat rental prices for a corporate event from the company Barcelona Boat Rental. Comparing all available options, it will be easy to choose the most suitable one. And finally, it should be added that the team’s party takes place in the open air, amidst water, against the backdrop of picturesque shores.

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