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All the Things That are New in macOS Ventura

October 24, 2022, marks a special date for Mac users because Ventura was officially released. The latest macOS update packs a punch with a new multitasking experience and exciting features. Along with some brand new features, the OS updates have overhauled multiple stock applications to boost productivity and efficiency. But unfortunately, not all Mac models are compatible with Ventura. So before downloading macOS 13, you must check if your device meets the recommended macOS Ventura minimum requirements.

Let’s look at all the things that are new in macOS Ventura.

Mail Improvements
  • Follow-up: If you have emailed someone regarding a query and haven’t received a reply, Mail will surface the message in your inbox.
  • Undo send: If you regret sending a message immediately after pressing Send, you can quickly unsend the email.
  • Reminder: You can set reminders so the app will remind you if you have forgotten to respond to an email.

Furthermore, the app will notify you if you have forgotten to include an attachment before sending an email.

Spotlight Enhancements
  • Quick Actions: When using Spotlight, you can perform quick actions from the search field without opening the corresponding application.
  • Quick Look: With Quick Look, you can now preview recognized files.
Improvements to Messages

Don’t let one regrettable text turn your world upside down. With Ventura, you can edit messages up to fifteen minutes after sending them. You can even delete messages up to two minutes after sending them.

Do you need to recover deleted texts? It is possible but for up to thirty days.

You can mark a message as unread if you have read receipts enabled. So you are not under any pressure to respond right away.

The new features of Messages are also available on iPadOS 16 and iOS 16.

Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera brings Apple devices closer together. For example, you can now use your iPhone’s camera as a webcam for your Mac. You can turn on the feature by going to the Control Center.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

No need to manually send batches of images to a group chat or use AirDrop, you can share a collection of pictures in a shared iCloud Library. It can be shared with five other people.

You can share videos and photos in your library and even personalize specific content like adding the date they were taken on or the location. Anyone in the Shared Library can delete, edit, and favorite photos. The changes will sync to everyone’s devices.


Apple has teamed up with FIDO Alliance to realize its mission of killing traditional passwords. They have created a secure passwordless sign-in system known as Passkeys.

A passkey is stored only on the user’s device, not the web server. Therefore, they are virtually immune to phishing attacks. With Ventura, you don’t have to type in a password while on a login page. Instead, you will be prompted on your Mac’s screen to pick up your iPad or iPhone and use Face or Touch IDs to verify your identity. You will be logged in after the two devices talk to each other and verify your identity.

Passkeys will sync across your iCloud-enabled devices, including Apple TV, Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

You must use your iPhone if you are signing in on any non-Apple device. However, Microsoft and Google are part of the same group and working with the FIDO digital identity organization. Therefore, Android and Windows users can also expect a similar functionality soon.

Improved Safari

Get ready for enhanced web browsing with unique Safari upgrades when you update your system to Ventura.

The web browser now includes a feature for workmates and families who do lots of planning together. The new feature is Tab Groups; it allows loved ones or colleagues to share their browser bookmarks and websites.

This feature can build a collective list of websites and bookmarks. Then, share it with others. Others in the shared Tab Group can see the websites you are currently browsing. Furthermore, you can start a group Messages chat or a FaceTime call on the fly.

Live Captions

Apple introduces live Captions with macOS 13 Ventura. This feature is primarily for those who are hard of hearing or deaf. The feature is still in beta and automatically transcribes audio for in-person conversions, calls, and media.

You can even type what you want when using Live Captions during a call through Type to Speak. Your response will be spoken out loud for others in real-time.

The feature also works in the FaceTime application with the addition of speaker attribution.

The Bottom Line

These are some remarkable features added to Ventura, and you can use them after you have updated your device. You can go to System Preferences > Software Update > Update Now if your device is eligible.

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