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5 Ways to Make Moving Furniture Easier

Moving or changing the house to a new place is fun. Whether moving to a new city or relocating the house, the excitement is above the sky. But, when it is about moving the furniture, all the excitement lessens.

Moving furniture is a big job. Moving furniture by yourself can cause muscle injury. It can also damage the furniture. You cannot afford the professionals to help as they are very costly. The better option is to take help from friends or relatives.

Here are five ways to make your moving furniture easier.

5 Best Ways to Make Moving Furniture Easier
1. Slide, And Don’t Shift

When you move your furniture, do not shift it. Slide it gently as there are chances of breaking off. If you try to carry it, it can cause back injury. So always slide it whenever you move to a new place.

2. Use a Hand Truck

Putting resources into a hand truck can comfortably move your heavy furniture. A hand truck has a stage to put a piece of your furniture on, several wheels, and a handle to move the wheels without any problem.

A hand truck can be costly depending on the brand and style you purchase. Some companies have different hand trucks going from $25 to $260.

The good thing about them is they do not occupy much room. When you get one, you will not purchase another at any point because they can last for years. So, now you can assist different companions or families with moving the things they need assistance with anywhere.

3. Use Your Legs, Not Your Back Lift

You generally need to utilise your legs by lifting anything weighty and try not to lift with your back. Heavy furniture can cause back wounds on the off chance.

Health claims that your back muscles are not quite as strong as your leg muscles. At the point when you go to lift either a sofa or dresser, twist your knees going down to get the base, rather than slumping over to get the thing. When you slouch over to lift something, you put a burden on your back which could prompt a physical issue. Use a dolly trolley if you need any assistance with shifting your furniture.

4. Buy Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders can let you move heavy furniture over carpeting without damaging your hardwood floors. They are spherical, cushioned plastic discs beneath the legs of tables, couches, and other pieces of furniture. Furniture may move about the floor since the plastic portion of the slider makes touch with it.

5. Plan Before Moving in

Make an advance decision on which furniture will go where. Make a floor plan with accurate room measurements before you move, measure it, and plan out your arrangement. After that, you would not have to touch your furniture again as you move everything in.


Changes take place in everyone’s life. Moving to a new city or changing your house is exciting. Therefore, make a plan before moving to a new house. Follow the above mentioned ways to move your furniture quickly and avoid muscle injury.

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