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4 Drives That Will Transport You to a Winter Wonderland

If you dread the cold season because it means less sunlight and more layers, there might be a way to change your mind. Snowy landscapes can be appealing even if you hate the chill. All you have to do is stay in your car. Here are four drives that will transport you to a winter wonderland while making you fall in love with the season.

Pick the Right Car for Winter Driving

When you’re shopping for your first or second car to take on your road trip, make sure you pick one that can handle wintery road conditions. Look for a car with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and test out a new Honda for sale to get a feel for how it handles outside. You’ll probably also need a car with a little more space in the trunk to fit your winter gear.

Pack an Emergency Kit for the Road

Don’t leave home without an emergency kit in your trunk. It’s more dangerous to get stuck on a highway in winter than in spring or summer. Add a shovel, gloves, hand warmers, and extra blankets to your usual pack of items so that you’re prepared for the cold temperatures on these scenic drives.

Scenic Winter Drives

Once you’re all set with the right car and safety items, choose one of these iconic routes and marvel at the way winter changes the landscape. Don’t forget to make a snow angel while you’re at it.

1. Yosemite Valley Road

You might associate California with summertime, but Yosemite looks jaw-droppingly elegant in the winter. Some roads close down in the off-season, but you can still drive through Yosemite Valley and gawk at the icy waterfalls and snow-dusted peaks.

2. Skyline Drive

This 105-mile route through Shenandoah National Park in Virginia makes for an ideal winter drive, especially if you want to make a pit stop to ski or snowshoe. Skyline Drive hugs the crests of the Blue Ridge Mountains, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the winter wonderland below.

3. Vermont Route 100

If you’re in the mood to turn your drive into a full-on road trip, consider visiting Vermont to drive on Route 100. Not only will you get to revel in how the snow blankets the landscape, but you’ll also have the opportunity to stop at a number of charming country towns to take in the local culture.

4. Highway 57, North Wisconsin

An underrated gem of the Midwest, Wisconsin’s Highway 57 takes you between Greenbay and Gills Rock, a small town on the Door Peninsula, which juts out into Lake Michigan. The route offers a host of small coastal towns and mom-and-pop stores that have a charming antique feel. You’ll also see snow-capped dunes and ice formations in impressive caves along the way.

A Yearly Tradition

Going on a winter road trip is a great tradition to stick to year after year. Many small towns will be thankful for your patronage, as they often see dips in tourism during the colder months. While it’s freezing outside, your heart will feel warm as you make unique memories on the road.

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